STS and The 100 Black Men Of Sacramento Form Historic Partnership

Shoulder To Shoulder (STS) just recently signed an important and historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the 100 Black Men of Sacramento (100BMOS). The 100BMOS is one of Sacramento’s leading organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Black families with a special emphasis on young at-risk boys.

STS’s new partnership with 100BMOS will help both organizations expand their capabilities to mentor and support fatherless boys in the Sacramento region. Under the terms of the MOU, STS and the 100BMOS will be coordinating and supporting each other’s programs and the 100BMOS will be providing mentors from their membership to work with STS’s mentoring operations.

Speaking about the historic MOU, STS Founder and CEO, Bill Coibion, stated, “We are very excited about our new operational partnership with the 100 Black Men of Sacramento whose membership is comprised of many great leaders in our community and we look forward to working together to improve the lives of young boys in the Sacramento region”. Franklin Jackson, President of the 100BMOS, stated, “Our organization is delighted to be able to partner with Shoulder To Shoulder because of its proven ability to transform the lives of fatherless boys and its long-term dedication to the needs of the inner city”.

As STS seeks to expand its partnerships with various organizations through its newly-created affiliate, “The Fathering Coalition”, more support is needed to help us expand our outreach and mentoring efforts. As the Big Day of Giving approaches on May 3rd, please consider making a generous contribution so that we can continue on our mission to break the cycle of fatherlessness in Sacramento.

To make a donation, please click here.

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The Missing Man: A Very Special Event

The Missing Man Event

Shoulder To Shoulder (STS), in partnership with the School of Education at William Jessup University, is proud to announce a major no-cost event that is designed to address the transcendent social issue of our time: FATHERLESSNESS. 

On March 21st, at 6:30 p.m., STS will be holding its second “Waking Up To Fatherlessness” presentation in the Lecture Hall at William Jessup University, 2121 University Avenue, Rocklin, CA 95765. The theme of this special educational event is “The Missing Man” and the evening will be focused upon the following:

  • Fathering and its Generational Impact
  • Changing the Paradigm
  • The Fathering Coalition
  • How Can You and I Help

There are millions of people who live in the Sacramento region and all of us, either directly or indirectly, are affected by the devastating impacts and consequences of fatherlessness. The over 200,000 fatherless children in our area, and their over 1,000,000 related family members, are directly impacted. The rest of us are more indirectly impacted by the costs of fatherlessness, both financial and societal. Considering the fact that fatherlessness is largely responsible for over 70 percent of those in prison, for a large portion of those abusing drugs, and for the poverty created by father-absent homes, the financial costs are staggering. From a societal standpoint, fatherlessness is responsible for 63 percent of juvenile suicides, for 71 percent of teenage pregnancies, for 90 percent of homeless and runaway children, and for significant involvement in gang and other criminal activity.

Given everything that is at stake, we, as citizens and taxpayers, must take steps to break the cycle of fatherlessness. Please take the opportunity to attend “The Missing Man” event on March 21st where you can not only learn more about fatherlessness and its consequences, but can also learn how you, your organization, or your church can personally make a difference in helping to eradicate the pandemic social disease of fatherlessness. You will particularly want to learn about the development of “The Fathering Coalition”, an unprecedented collaborative partnership that is being developed in the Sacramento region.

To register for “The Missing Man” event, please click here.

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January is “National Mentoring Month”


Here at STS we are celebrating the start of the new year and the value and success of our unique long-term, one-on-one mentoring program for fatherless inner-city boys, and of our Moms Helping Moms support program for the boys’ mothers and grandmothers.


As our nation focuses upon the value and importance of mentoring, STS is proud of the accomplishments we have achieved through lives that have been literally transformed by the tireless efforts of STS’s dedicated professional staff and by the caring devotion of our outstanding mentors and coaches. Since 2007, STS has served over 300 inner-city boys and that effort has collectively impacted over 2,500 people in a very positive way.

When it comes to the issue of fatherlessness, quality life-transforming mentoring is the absolutely critical key ingredient necessary to break the cycle of this devastating social disease that is so rampant in our nation today. STS has set the example of how to break the cycle of fatherlessness through the provision to our mentees of hope, direction and purpose for their lives, and unconditional love and affirmation. Click here to see and hear about some of the many lives that have been changed.


As we look around at our communities in the Sacramento region, the number of fatherless boys is still huge and the need to expand our mentoring capabilities is critical. In the next several months, STS is going to make a concerted effort to recruit and train more mentors and coaches but, in order to do that, we need your support to supply the necessary resources so that we can reach more boys. Here is how you can help break the cycle of fatherlessness:

We know that our mentoring brings great results. Please help us rescue more boys from the despair of fatherlessness.

Team STS

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Shoulder To Shoulder celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Shoulder To Shoulder (STS) has evolved over time following the vision from God upon its founding, on December 5th, 1995. For the first seven years significant effort centered on strengthening men and their role in their family and their relationship with God. Around 25,000 men in the greater Sacramento region were greatly impacted by STS’s Point Man Monthly Breakfast Series.

Below are the men who helped launch the Breakfast Series for seven years…

In 2003, STS implemented a small group model for men that resulted in transforming their lives into the men God desires. This model also greatly assisted men in understanding the disciplines necessary to develop and maintain an intimate relationship with God.

In 2007, STS began its community phase of outreach to meet the needs of fatherless young boys in the Sacramento region’s inner city areas. In cooperation with Twin Rivers USD officials, STS began to provide onsite, life-transforming support efforts for 350 boys and their families over the ensuing years. Today STS is expanding its capabilities to meet the huge demand for its unique, long-term, one-on-one mentoring program that also includes care for the moms of our mentees.

It is a fact that, in the Sacramento region, there are around 200,000 children who go to bed each night without a father in their lives. This staggering number shows the magnitude of the problem and STS has realized that it is going to take a broad-based united effort to meet the needs.

As a result, STS is in the process of creating The Fathering Coalition, a multi-level coalition of churches and other supporting organizations, to help achieve the goal of ending fatherlessness in our area. The core of the Coalition will consist of area churches who serve as a pool of potential mentors for our young boys and potential coaches for our care for the moms.

We at STS are very excited about what The Fathering Coalition can do and we hope you will support this effort by doing the following:

We are looking forward to see what 2016 will bring and, with your help, it can be an amazing year.

With gratitude,


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We’re grateful for a fantastic 4th Annual Igniting Hope Gala!

STS-550px-Gala01-blogOn October 23rd, approximately 250 people attended the Igniting Hope Gala. We were blessed to have so many of our supporters present including a number of our local officials and their representatives.

The Gala exceeded our expectations of the number of people touched by what God is doing through TeamSTS in transforming lives in our inner cities. The degree to which people have engaged with STS to further our mission has been music to our ears and the many who gave funds will help us to continue and expand our efforts to break the cycle of fatherlessness.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our corporate partners, sponsors, and hosts. You are helping to do something truly meaningful in our communities. We could not do what we do without you.













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Is fatherlessness really a SERIOUS problem?


If you could save a young life, would you do so?

Here at STS, we see every day the devastating impact that fatherlessness brings to many inner-city boys and their single moms. From our direct experience, we have seen the consequences of fatherlessness that has translated tragically into the following all-too-familiar statistics. Those growing up in fatherless home account for:

  • 63% or youth suicide
  • 71% of all high school dropouts
  • 71% of teenage pregnancies
  • 75% of adult males in prison
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway youth

As alarming and horrendous as the above statistics are, they simply reflect behavioral outcomes that result from the consequences of fatherlessness. The most serious consequence obviously is the literal loss of lives – lives that could be saved by STS’ ability to “Break The Cycle” of fatherlessness. Saving the lives of fatherless is VERY SERIOUS!!

Faced with these alarming facts, you may be asking yourself what is it that really causes these young people to want to take their lives.  The answer is:  OVERWHELMING DESPAIR AND HOPELESSNESS. Research clearly shows that fatherlessness is the cause of this type of despair and hopelessness.

Consider this personal confession from a young boy:

“I didn’t have a father. So all my life, I imagined a man and how he would be my father. It’s the closest thing I will have to a real father.”

So here is the question: If you could save a young life from suicide right here in the Sacramento area, would you do so? If your answer is “YES”, join STS Action Team to Break The Cycle of fatherlessness by becoming a mentor to a young boy, a coach in our “Moms Helping Moms” program, or by making a generous contribution to STS that will allow us to provide desperately-needed support to our waiting list of young boys who need our help.  This is a call to action so please help us insure that no young boy on our waiting list becomes part of the 63%. Shoulder To Shoulder and the boys need you!!

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Exciting News from Team STS


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It’s Personal


There’s a powerful solution to generational fatherlessness.

And that solution… is reading these words right now.

Research has found that long term mentoring changes the outcome of a young boy’s future in dramatic and real ways.

For Shoulder To Shoulder, we see the results daily. Our personal and transformative mentoring program is creating a ripple of hope and change — for both the mentor and the mentee.

This is a personal ask during National Mentoring Month to make a personal difference in the life of a young, fatherless child. Will you respond?

With Sincere Gratitude and Humility

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Listen to Radio Interview with Shoulder To Shoulder’s Bill Coibion


Shoulder To Shoulder Founder and President, Bill Coibion, was interviewed this past Wednesday by Dave Diamond for the Community Today show. During the interview he shared several heartfelt stories of mentors Igniting Hope in generationally fatherless boys and how this led to transformation for these young men and their families in the Del Paso Heights area.

If you’d like to hear the interview, there are several opportunities both on the radio and online. Below are the upcoming dates and times when the interview will be aired. We encourage you to listen in and learn more about the Shoulder To Shoulder story.


12/7 & 12/28 (4:00 pm) | KFIA – AM710 | website

12/6 & 12/27 (11:30 pm) | KFIA-AM710 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (6:00 am) | KKFS “The Fish”-FM103.9 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (8:00 pm) | KSAC “Money 1055”-FM105.5 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (11:30 pm) | KTKZ “AM1380 The Answer”-AM1380 | website


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