January is “National Mentoring Month”


Here at STS we are celebrating the start of the new year and the value and success of our unique long-term, one-on-one mentoring program for fatherless inner-city boys, and of our Moms Helping Moms support program for the boys’ mothers and grandmothers.


As our nation focuses upon the value and importance of mentoring, STS is proud of the accomplishments we have achieved through lives that have been literally transformed by the tireless efforts of STS’s dedicated professional staff and by the caring devotion of our outstanding mentors and coaches. Since 2007, STS has served over 300 inner-city boys and that effort has collectively impacted over 2,500 people in a very positive way.

When it comes to the issue of fatherlessness, quality life-transforming mentoring is the absolutely critical key ingredient necessary to break the cycle of this devastating social disease that is so rampant in our nation today. STS has set the example of how to break the cycle of fatherlessness through the provision to our mentees of hope, direction and purpose for their lives, and unconditional love and affirmation. Click here to see and hear about some of the many lives that have been changed.


As we look around at our communities in the Sacramento region, the number of fatherless boys is still huge and the need to expand our mentoring capabilities is critical. In the next several months, STS is going to make a concerted effort to recruit and train more mentors and coaches but, in order to do that, we need your support to supply the necessary resources so that we can reach more boys. Here is how you can help break the cycle of fatherlessness:

We know that our mentoring brings great results. Please help us rescue more boys from the despair of fatherlessness.

Team STS

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