United Way Accepts Shoulder To Shoulder as a Non-Profit Partner

STS is proud to announce its acceptance as a Nonprofit Partner with United Way of Greater Sacramento.  STS submitted to a rigorous application and review process and is now part of the select group of non-profits that have been endorsed by The United Way. We are proud to have been able to earn this designation, and we are especially happy about the new pathways this offers for friends and supporters of STS to play a part in what we do. Allow us to explain.

Have you ever wanted to become a financial supporter of Shoulder to Shoulder, but just haven’t been able to find a convenient way to give? Well now there’s an answer to that challenge: the United Way Workplace Giving Program.

This program makes it is possible for you to give to STS in any amount you choose through payroll deduction right at your workplace. Most larger employers in our region are part of this program, including The State of California, AFL-CIO Union Affiliates, and companies like SAFE Credit Union and VSP. All you have to do is contact your organization’s HR Department to see if your employer or organization is a part of the United Way Workplace Giving Program. They’ll help you set up your monthly donation via payroll. It’s that simple.

But there’s even more. You can also request that a representative of STS come and speak or set up a display at your workplace. United Way Giving Program employers are more than willing to have our reps come! They simply need to receive a request from you.

A recent study discovered that Sacramento residents are less likely to give and actually donate fewer dollars than the national average. In fact, only 62% of households in the Greater Sacramento Region give to charities. One of the big reasons for this is that people who sincerely want to give just don’t know a simple way to give that is convenient, reliable and goes to support charities that help people right in their own backyard. The United Way Workplace Giving Program changes all that. With your help, we believe more people than ever will begin giving to support charities like STS to change lives right here in our own city.

The United Way Workplace Giving Program. It’s a simple way to make a powerful difference for fatherless young men. STS is proud to have been selected for this program.  Please contact your employer today to see if you qualify, or call our office at 916-285-5422 for more info.