Year-End Giving with Meaning and Purpose

Dear Friends of STS,

As you make decisions about your year-end giving plans, please consider the following recent timely event that saturated the news media.


It was 3:45 in the afternoon when the shooting took place. Five players on the Grant Union High School football team in Sacramento had stopped to get some food before the playoff game, and were on their way back to school to suit up. Excitement was high when their lives were suddenly shattered by gunshots. One dead, another injured, a game postponed, and inner-city lives completely altered. The entire Grant High School family and the largely fatherless Del Paso Heights community was once again rocked by a fatal shooting.

It is at times like this when God and family provide shelter and comfort in the storm. It is in the hard times when a Dad can help his children weather the storm. But what can be done when a young boy has no father to run to. When a young inner-city boy’s world is rocked, whether by a shooting or something else, where can he go when there is no Dad in the home?

This is why Shoulder To Shoulder is so passionate about what we do. God’s intention has always been for Dads to be there for their children, especially in times of adversity. But where there is no Dad, we at STS have the privilege to be there as a mentor and to help the boys process through, and learn from, hard times. When the Grant High football team held a players and coaches-only meeting right before the re-scheduled game, one of the STS mentors, who is also a pastor in Del Paso Heights, was invited to be there. At a critical time, he was able to help the players navigate through their raw emotions. In the same way, our STS mentors are there for every mentee and our “Moms Helping Moms” coaches are there for their single mothers.

Our ability to be there for the fatherless is made possible because of your prayers, service, and support. As we approach the end of the year, with Thanksgiving and Christmas filling the air, would you remember TeamSTS? You can help us break the cycle of fatherlessness in three different ways:

  1. Pray for us. Pray that God would use us to reach the fatherless, and their families, with God’s transforming love. Ask your church to put TeamSTS on its prayer list.
  2. Volunteer. Consider becoming a Mentor or perhaps a Coach in our “Moms Helping Moms” program. You could also help with our upcoming Bowl-A-Thon (in March) and our Father/Son Legacy Run (in June).
  3. Give. We are grateful for all monthly and one-time gifts. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we take no State or Federal funds, but rely upon the generosity of those who understand and appreciate the value of what we do. Your tax-deductible gifts will help us reach more fatherless young boys; we currently have 25 boys on our waiting list and your generous year-end gift could help eliminate the waiting list and truly make a difference in many lives.

From all of us at TeamSTS, thank you for your support and we hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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We’re grateful for a fantastic 4th Annual Igniting Hope Gala!

STS-550px-Gala01-blogOn October 23rd, approximately 250 people attended the Igniting Hope Gala. We were blessed to have so many of our supporters present including a number of our local officials and their representatives.

The Gala exceeded our expectations of the number of people touched by what God is doing through TeamSTS in transforming lives in our inner cities. The degree to which people have engaged with STS to further our mission has been music to our ears and the many who gave funds will help us to continue and expand our efforts to break the cycle of fatherlessness.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our corporate partners, sponsors, and hosts. You are helping to do something truly meaningful in our communities. We could not do what we do without you.













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Stories of Success

, the grandmother of Jeremiah, a mentee, was singing praises about Jeremiah’s mentor. She told me how the mentor took Jeremiah to get a battery for her smoke alarm and installed it.  She also shared how his mentor graciously worked on her backyard.  She made a point to let us know that the mentor had Jeremiah doing most of the work – but that his mentor gave him direction and time.  “Jeremiah really likes his mentor!”  Jeremiah loves the fact that his mentor spends so much time with him. Perhaps it may seem like mentors aren’t connecting with their mentees at times, but when you are not looking, his grandmother gets to see the smile on his face and the confidence in his walk.  A story of love!

Elijah, a 14 year old boy, continues to impress my friends and our acquaintances with his maturity. On the Cast Hope fishing trip, our fishing guide commented on his goodness after spending 5 hours on the Yuba River.  My family and friends at church were also excited to see him paint alongside them on a service project in Del Paso Heights. He worked hard and never complained or asked to stop from 10 am till 3:00 pm. He is becoming comfortable around different people.  A story of transformation!

After understanding the STS goal setting process, my mentee, Chou, stared at the area outside of his house and decided to take responsibility for the “garden” strip under eve in front. Working side by side, we cleared, planted (gardenias and azaleas), put in drip irrigation and bark. Chou did much of the shovel work, cut and glued the PVC and helped with weed shield.  He seems very proud of his garden. It took us 4 hours! We finished in rain and dark but he kept working to accomplish his goal!  A story of success!

Jorge, my mentee, came to me after he and I had been matched for about 6 months and asked if it was possible for his girlfriend, Arianna, to get a mentor with STS. I told Jorge that I would look into it but that right now we only have men serving boys. I was curious why Jorge made this request so I asked him why.  Jorge said his girlfriend noticed the improvement in his grades and wanted help from a mentor to get her grades up. Jorge also explained that her grades have slowly declined as her freshman year has progressed. I asked Jorge “Does she think all I do is tutor you?” Jorge said he wasn’t sure but that she had seen Jorge’s grades improve from a .16 GPA to a 3.0 GPA on his progress reports and she wants to be a part of it.  A story of success and hope!

Yesterday Tammy met with a single mother who had recently been forced out of her home and currently living between family members. School started and one of her sons couldn’t go to school because the only shoes he had access to were flip flops and cleats to play baseball in.  Everything else was in storage. When I called the mom to ask her if any of her sons needed shoes, she burst into tears. “Oh my God, I can’t believe you just asked me that. I took my kids to school today and one of them wasn’t allowed in his classroom because I don’t have proper shoes for him to wear!” I asked her to bring her son and meet someone who wanted to bless her. Tammy and the mom met, as well as the young man out of school. Tammy gave the two boys their new shoes and we can only imagine the emotional exchange that went on between mother, sons and someone who cares enough to share.  A story of blessing!

Rose – Since implementing the tools I learned in the MHM classes, my son and I are able to communicate clearly, and more regularly. He is comfortable talking to me about things; whereas before he would shut himself up in the room, go outside to play with friends, or act out in subtle ways to communicate his frustrations.  A story about growth

Adam – From the very beginning it was clear that Adam was attending Freedom Hall for a purpose. Adam is fairly small, physically and his voice is gentle and sometimes described as squeaky. It took several weeks of attendance before Adam began to open up to his peers and the staff at Freedom Hall because he would often be made fun of in school. Over the course of time Adam not only began to open up to his peers but became a natural leader. During our team building activities Adam emerges as the individual who pulls his peers together to accomplish their task.  A story about maturing

Ericka – My son has adjusted very well to being in a different State. He has achieved honor roll at his Middle School with a 3.2 GPA. We both continue to communicate with our chosen mentor; whom we respect and love dearly.  I thank all of the STS Family members for all of your love and support. Thank you so much. I love the entire program – the Moms Helping Moms each second Saturday – the closeness of the entire STS Family – they are genuinely concerned about the uplifting, elevating and success of our fatherless sons in our community! Keep doing what you do!  A story of success!

Isaiah (Mentee since 2007) – According to his mother, within weeks Isaiah’s attitude improved and his self-confidence soared. Through participating in STS workshops and activities, he gained the tools to deal with his anger and the challenges he faced. With improved confidence and STS tutoring, Isaiah’s grades improved through 7th and 8th grade to a 3.6 average. After graduating from high school in four years, Isaiah moved on to Sacramento City College.  A story of transformation!

Semaj (Mentee since 2007) – I was never judged when I came here.  You are not judged for what you did or what you do. They would stand by me anyway. I didn’t realize what I was missing. If I want to lead, I have to learn to follow. They taught me to understand (others) before I can be understood. I learned about integrity and what it means to be a real man. Besides my mom, Shoulder To Shoulder is the most consistent thing I’ve had in my life. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for Freedom Hall. I want to help someone else so they can see how it feels and then they can help someone else, and we can change everything.  A story of transformation!

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Is fatherlessness really a SERIOUS problem?


If you could save a young life, would you do so?

Here at STS, we see every day the devastating impact that fatherlessness brings to many inner-city boys and their single moms. From our direct experience, we have seen the consequences of fatherlessness that has translated tragically into the following all-too-familiar statistics. Those growing up in fatherless home account for:

  • 63% or youth suicide
  • 71% of all high school dropouts
  • 71% of teenage pregnancies
  • 75% of adult males in prison
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway youth

As alarming and horrendous as the above statistics are, they simply reflect behavioral outcomes that result from the consequences of fatherlessness. The most serious consequence obviously is the literal loss of lives – lives that could be saved by STS’ ability to “Break The Cycle” of fatherlessness. Saving the lives of fatherless is VERY SERIOUS!!

Faced with these alarming facts, you may be asking yourself what is it that really causes these young people to want to take their lives.  The answer is:  OVERWHELMING DESPAIR AND HOPELESSNESS. Research clearly shows that fatherlessness is the cause of this type of despair and hopelessness.

Consider this personal confession from a young boy:

“I didn’t have a father. So all my life, I imagined a man and how he would be my father. It’s the closest thing I will have to a real father.”

So here is the question: If you could save a young life from suicide right here in the Sacramento area, would you do so? If your answer is “YES”, join STS Action Team to Break The Cycle of fatherlessness by becoming a mentor to a young boy, a coach in our “Moms Helping Moms” program, or by making a generous contribution to STS that will allow us to provide desperately-needed support to our waiting list of young boys who need our help.  This is a call to action so please help us insure that no young boy on our waiting list becomes part of the 63%. Shoulder To Shoulder and the boys need you!!

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Mark Your Calendar for the 2015 Igniting Hope Gala


Shoulder to Shoulder Cordially Invites You to Join Us for a Memorable and Inspiring Evening

Meet some of our young men, and hear how their lives have been changed forever by Shoulder to Shoulder.

This inspirational evening is dedicated to celebration, honoring those making a difference, and witnessing inspiring stories of hope and transformation.

The 4th Igniting Hope Gala will feature dinner, live music, and life-changing stories from Mentors, Mentees, and Moms.

It will be a time of celebration inspiration, and honoring.


Please join us for this memorable evening! Attire is business casual.


Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to support our vision of Igniting Hope in our fatherless young boys in North Sacramento. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our dedication to transforming lives and Igniting Hope within communities where “hope” is hard to find.

For more information about the event, sponsorships or hosting a table call
Noel Smith at 916.718.5688 or email her at

The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred

2300 Sierra Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825

Friday October 23, 2015 5:30 p.m.– 9:00 p.m.



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Exciting News from Team STS


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It’s Personal


There’s a powerful solution to generational fatherlessness.

And that solution… is reading these words right now.

Research has found that long term mentoring changes the outcome of a young boy’s future in dramatic and real ways.

For Shoulder To Shoulder, we see the results daily. Our personal and transformative mentoring program is creating a ripple of hope and change — for both the mentor and the mentee.

This is a personal ask during National Mentoring Month to make a personal difference in the life of a young, fatherless child. Will you respond?

With Sincere Gratitude and Humility

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Meet Isaiah and his mother, Angela. Theirs is a story of redemption.

Angela grew up fatherless. She was molested at 8 years old. Again at 18. Prostitution became her prison. Drugs and alcohol became her escape.

This vicious cycle didn’t stop despite having Isaiah and four other children.

Isaiah grew up fatherless. He also grew up angry, hopeless, and confused. Why couldn’t his mother stop? Why was he afforded this lot in life?

But in life, it’s not where you start. It’s where you’re going. Shoulder To Shoulder helped transform the lives of Angela and Isaiah — from generationally fatherless to living life on a righteous path. We celebrate who they are and their desire to pay it forward by being an example to others.

Please listen to the words of Isaiah and Angela, and learn how TeamSTS helped them in their story of redemption. We hope their story inspires you to take action.

Would you contribute your time to serve, support TeamSTS financially, or join our prayer team?






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Listen to Radio Interview with Shoulder To Shoulder’s Bill Coibion


Shoulder To Shoulder Founder and President, Bill Coibion, was interviewed this past Wednesday by Dave Diamond for the Community Today show. During the interview he shared several heartfelt stories of mentors Igniting Hope in generationally fatherless boys and how this led to transformation for these young men and their families in the Del Paso Heights area.

If you’d like to hear the interview, there are several opportunities both on the radio and online. Below are the upcoming dates and times when the interview will be aired. We encourage you to listen in and learn more about the Shoulder To Shoulder story.


12/7 & 12/28 (4:00 pm) | KFIA – AM710 | website

12/6 & 12/27 (11:30 pm) | KFIA-AM710 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (6:00 am) | KKFS “The Fish”-FM103.9 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (8:00 pm) | KSAC “Money 1055”-FM105.5 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (11:30 pm) | KTKZ “AM1380 The Answer”-AM1380 | website


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With Thanks


Day in and day out, over 40 volunteers are accomplishing something truly amazing. They are positively changing the lives of fatherless young men in Del Paso Heights one by one.

This year alone, 25 young men experienced the transformative power of a mentor. These young men were guided, embraced, encouraged, and empowered. Young men like Jeremiah (pictured above) are smiling again.

We are blessed to be in a position to facilitate hope in the hopeless, encourage those bewildered, and accept generationally fatherless boys for whom they are, not what they will become. But we’re also blessed to have you on the TeamSTS family.

In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of the support, advice and wise counsel. You have provided your time, your talents and your commitment – and we hope you continue blessing us and those we serve with those treasures.

With a grateful heart, we say THANK YOU.



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