Are Children Victims?

Children born into underprivileged and impoverished families often learn to view themselves as victims. It’s the most convenient social and cultural narrative to embrace. And once they accept themselves as victims that’s where they stay—down. But we believe every child possesses the innate ability to learn to see themselves as resilient over-comers and armed with optimism, courage, and faith, they can move forward and take action to dream world-sized dreams. Children are only victims if we fail to inspire them.


“Children are only victims if we fail to inspire them.”


Mentoring children goes far beyond spending two hours every week hanging out, doing homework, and discovering cool things to do together. Inspiring them begins with an ability to see them from a godly perspective… meaning being able to perceive their potential in a context of purpose and eternity, then shifting our priorities accordingly.


– Richard Moore, Innovative Disrupter


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