STS’s Approach to Generational Fatherlessness

A father makes a unique contribution to the development of a young boy and his initiation into manhood. It is a sad reality that most young men raised in a fatherless environment will eventually lose their identity as adult males because there are very FEW righteous male adults in their lives. They are confused about their role in society and the family as a husband, father and bread-winner. Most display a profound lack of hope and direction, and have an intensely negative outlook on life.

STS’ Powerful Alternative: Mentoring Fatherless Boys

But this bleak problem has a powerful solution: the remarkable impact that a positive male mentor can have on fatherless boys.

Research has found that long term mentoring has the ability to change the outcome of a young boy’s future in dramatic ways: they are less likely to abuse drugs, skip school and they perform better academically.

How STS is “Standing in the Gap”

This Mentoring Miracle is what Shoulder To Shoulder began to put into action several years ago in Del Paso Heights, CA. This website shares many personal stories of the phenomenal results of mentoring these fatherless boys.

STS discovered that to “break the cycle of fatherlessness,” an intervention needs to occur in a fatherless young man’s life. This intervention requires men, principally from non-fatherless zones who have lived lives of righteousness, to step up and stand in the gap as a father figure for the fatherless boys of DPH.

STS mentors are stepping into that gap every day. Will you join us?

Check out what we’re doing through Freedom Hall, Moms Helping Moms, Project Literacy and Project Hope. (These should link to the corresponding web page describing these areas of ministry)