Moms Helping Moms

Moms Helping Moms (MHM) is designed to support the single moms of sons participating in Freedom Hall. Women from the greater Sacramento region come alongside our single moms through the lessons and training their sons receive in Freedom Hall.  Lessons include: goal setting, character development, financial literacy and other important life skills.

Monthly moms gather to hear inspirational/educational/insightful speakers who will encourage them in their struggles and specific needs.  Weekly discussion groups follow to inspire moms to take the topic and apply it to their daily lives, hear and understand the immediate needs of these families, and give them hope that they are not alone, as moms help moms in this community of new and trusted friendships.

In certain scheduled parent meetings, we will share in more detail the actions and activities in which we’re involving their sons.  For example, when we review the academic performance and assist each young man to set semester GPA goals, improve attendance and reduce discipline level, we then review the finished product with their moms.  Moms also have the opportunity to cheer for their sons on Award Night.

MHM partners with other organizations to bring their expertise to our moms on topics such as: planning a career path, staying in school, resources for children, seeking out colleges for their sons, starting a business, and parenting.   Special discussion groups may develop based on specific needs such as anger, addictions, depression, abandonment, molestation/rape and fatherlessness as trust grows among the moms.

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