Be the Change – Ignite Hope

A generation of fatherless young men is growing up without purpose, without direction, without HOPE, right here in our backyard. Young men who don’t know that there is a different way of life; young men who need someone to be an example, show them there’s a possibility of a different future for them.

STS started a campaign in 2007 to bring HOPE back into North Sacramento/Del Paso Heights. With the help of mentors like Bruce, Don, Tom, Donnell, Van, and Dillon who are “stand in the gap” role models for fatherless young men, hope started to take hold of boys like Greg, Isaiah and Semaj.  The lives of these young men were changed forever as these righteous adult men encouraged them, loved and accepted them for who they were, and helped them learn about a path other than one leading to destruction.

Greg, Isaiah and Semaj are just three of the success stories in DPH. However, there are countless other fatherless young men in Del Paso Heights in desperate need of righteous adult men to mentor them. Their single moms also need someone to turn to for help and guidance.  They need people who have HOPE to show them what hope looks like. Can you be that person?

We ask you to “Be the Change” that influences a young man’s life and helps bring HOPE to Del Paso Heights. Step out of your comfort zone, come into the lives of these young men and their moms and make a lifelong impact!

I want to “Be the Change” and to learn how I can join the campaign to Ignite Hope in Del Paso Heights:

Twenty-four fatherless young men began with STS in 2007, twelve leaving the area within the first six months due mainly to financial issues.  The remaining twelve young men stayed the course of Freedom Hall and graduated from high school in four years.  Six are attending college, of which three are attending William Jessup University; four joined the workforce and two joined the military.  These young men were accepted, loved, affirmed and supported by STS mentors who were willing to “be the change” in these young men’s lives.

At the end of 3rd grade, a reading evaluation is completed for each student.  A young man, testing at a 1.7 reading comprehension level, will likely drop out of school in 8th Grade.

Be the Change – Join Team STS