“I believe that STS will soon become the model of how to help fatherlessness young men. Lives are being radically changed because of this program!”

—Dr. Bryce Jessup
President Emeritus, William Jessup University 


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision and purpose is to empower a generation of young adults who are changing the trajectory of their life towards a thriving future.

Shoulder to Shoulder and Imagine Community Academy offers comprehensive mentoring that includes personalized instruction and self-directed learning to underserved, underperforming middle and high school students so they can become free to imagine and realize their future.

The Values that govern what we do:


We strive to awaken the passion in the lives of the young adults and personalize their daily instruction.


We use tools, practices and methods that fuse creativity and technology.


We seek to empower with dignity and resourcefulness instead of dependency on the government.


We believe the time is now, to affect the generation that will impact our future.


We enrich every life we touch and encourage academic accomplishment.


We believe that in order to get new results, we have to change the way we think and learn.


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