“I believe that STS will soon become the model of how to help fatherlessness young men. Lives are being radically changed because of this program!”

—Dr. Bryce Jessup
President Emeritus, William Jessup University 



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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to equip at-risk generationally fatherless young men for life, enabling them to become well-balanced, mature men in their family and community, breaking the cycle of fatherlessness…one life at a time.

Our Mission is to mentor both our at-risk fatherless young boys starting in the 4th grade and their single mother or grandmother raising them.

Simply put, STS mentors’ and coaches’ ignite hopechallenge our young men and their mother or grandmother to take responsibility for their lives, and then we help them live it out.

Our Values are to:

  • Accept others for who they are
  • Assure the safety of our youth
  • Build dignity not dependency into others
  • Care and NOT cure others
  • Encourage academic accomplishment
  • Enrich each life we touch
  • Love others as God loves us