Is fatherlessness really a SERIOUS problem?


If you could save a young life, would you do so?

Here at STS, we see every day the devastating impact that fatherlessness brings to many inner-city boys and their single moms. From our direct experience, we have seen the consequences of fatherlessness that has translated tragically into the following all-too-familiar statistics. Those growing up in fatherless home account for:

  • 63% or youth suicide
  • 71% of all high school dropouts
  • 71% of teenage pregnancies
  • 75% of adult males in prison
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway youth

As alarming and horrendous as the above statistics are, they simply reflect behavioral outcomes that result from the consequences of fatherlessness. The most serious consequence obviously is the literal loss of lives – lives that could be saved by STS’ ability to “Break The Cycle” of fatherlessness. Saving the lives of fatherless is VERY SERIOUS!!

Faced with these alarming facts, you may be asking yourself what is it that really causes these young people to want to take their lives.  The answer is:  OVERWHELMING DESPAIR AND HOPELESSNESS. Research clearly shows that fatherlessness is the cause of this type of despair and hopelessness.

Consider this personal confession from a young boy:

“I didn’t have a father. So all my life, I imagined a man and how he would be my father. It’s the closest thing I will have to a real father.”

So here is the question: If you could save a young life from suicide right here in the Sacramento area, would you do so? If your answer is “YES”, join STS Action Team to Break The Cycle of fatherlessness by becoming a mentor to a young boy, a coach in our “Moms Helping Moms” program, or by making a generous contribution to STS that will allow us to provide desperately-needed support to our waiting list of young boys who need our help.  This is a call to action so please help us insure that no young boy on our waiting list becomes part of the 63%. Shoulder To Shoulder and the boys need you!!

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