Meet Isaiah and his mother, Angela. Theirs is a story of redemption.

Angela grew up fatherless. She was molested at 8 years old. Again at 18. Prostitution became her prison. Drugs and alcohol became her escape.

This vicious cycle didn’t stop despite having Isaiah and four other children.

Isaiah grew up fatherless. He also grew up angry, hopeless, and confused. Why couldn’t his mother stop? Why was he afforded this lot in life?

But in life, it’s not where you start. It’s where you’re going. Shoulder To Shoulder helped transform the lives of Angela and Isaiah — from generationally fatherless to living life on a righteous path. We celebrate who they are and their desire to pay it forward by being an example to others.

Please listen to the words of Isaiah and Angela, and learn how TeamSTS helped them in their story of redemption. We hope their story inspires you to take action.

Would you contribute your time to serve, support TeamSTS financially, or join our prayer team?






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Listen to Radio Interview with Shoulder To Shoulder’s Bill Coibion


Shoulder To Shoulder Founder and President, Bill Coibion, was interviewed this past Wednesday by Dave Diamond for the Community Today show. During the interview he shared several heartfelt stories of mentors Igniting Hope in generationally fatherless boys and how this led to transformation for these young men and their families in the Del Paso Heights area.

If you’d like to hear the interview, there are several opportunities both on the radio and online. Below are the upcoming dates and times when the interview will be aired. We encourage you to listen in and learn more about the Shoulder To Shoulder story.


12/7 & 12/28 (4:00 pm) | KFIA – AM710 | website

12/6 & 12/27 (11:30 pm) | KFIA-AM710 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (6:00 am) | KKFS “The Fish”-FM103.9 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (8:00 pm) | KSAC “Money 1055”-FM105.5 | website

12/7 & 12/28 (11:30 pm) | KTKZ “AM1380 The Answer”-AM1380 | website


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With Thanks


Day in and day out, over 40 volunteers are accomplishing something truly amazing. They are positively changing the lives of fatherless young men in Del Paso Heights one by one.

This year alone, 25 young men experienced the transformative power of a mentor. These young men were guided, embraced, encouraged, and empowered. Young men like Jeremiah (pictured above) are smiling again.

We are blessed to be in a position to facilitate hope in the hopeless, encourage those bewildered, and accept generationally fatherless boys for whom they are, not what they will become. But we’re also blessed to have you on the TeamSTS family.

In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of the support, advice and wise counsel. You have provided your time, your talents and your commitment – and we hope you continue blessing us and those we serve with those treasures.

With a grateful heart, we say THANK YOU.



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