Big Day of Giving Results


We are so pleased with the success of the Big Day of Giving. Here is some appreciation expressed by our very own Bill Coibion:

“Thank you for your support and donations yesterday to Shoulder To Shoulder for the BIG Day of Giving! Our audacious goal for yesterday was to raise $10,000 in 24 hours – you answered the call gave with a generosity that it blew our goal out of the water. By midnight  last night we received a total of $11,625!

A simple “thank you” cannot fully express the gratitude and appreciation we feel after yesterday’s show of support… so in addition to telling you how grateful we are, we also want to SHOW you how much it means to us. The best way we know to steward your gifts is by putting all the money toward our core mission and reason for existing: mentoring and preparing fatherless young men, and caring for their mothers.

Stay tuned for more updates via email and social media to hear some of the stories of how we’re using your gifts and how we’re being used to help break the cycle of generational fatherlessness in Del Paso Heights and beyond!”

Honored to serve,


Bill Coibion

Founder & President,
Shoulder To Shoulder
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