The Gift of Literacy

Give the Gift of Literacy

You are lucky enough to be able to read this. Most of the kids we serve can’t… or are significantly behind in their grade level reading.

Some alarming news about school drop-out rates: (source: foxnews.com2008)

  • 1.2 million students drop out annually
  • 50% of students drop-out of public schools in the nation’s largest cities
  • Gap between suburbs vs. inner city graduation rates: 81.5% graduate from Baltimore’s suburban schools, while only 34.6 percent graduate from their inner city schools

In 2014, we will launch Project Literacy. The program will mobilize Grant High School students to return to the elementary schools they attended and meet weekly with two students each to help them learn how to read better by 3rdgrade.

Anticipated Results:

  • Improved literacy and reduce school drop-outs
  • Improved GPA, API scores and attendance
  • Provide the children of Del Paso Heights with hope for their futures

We need your help to get this program off the ground.

Would you or your place of business contribute your time, energy, talents or dollars to help launch this program?

Please donate what you can.

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