The Bus Tour 2013

The Bus Tour is an interactive opportunity to see, touch, and feel life in our community. The forty-five minute tour includes a first-hand narrative of life in Del Paso Heights (DPH or The Heights) from the perspective of students and their families. The purpose of the tour also includes an introduction of Shoulder To Shoulder (STS), some of its young men, their moms, mentors, staff and board members.  The date for the tour is Saturday, September 14th from 9:30 to 12:00 ….. snacks and refreshments will be provided.


Families in the Heights get little contact from the outside world.  For people outside of DPH, fatherlessness, and the generational demise of the role of absent dads are only heard about occasionally through news sources. It is a tragedy of epic proportions. Launching a bus tour is designed to generate exposure and support of the need in Del Paso Heights.

The STS sponsored “Bus Tour” is an effort to raise awareness about the need for corporate support for students and their families. Civic leaders are invited, including educators, law enforcement and local business owners.

The route of the tour will take friends to real life scenes of life in the Heights. Tour guests will hear firsthand accounts of the dynamics of fatherlessness from the perspective of STS personnel, students and their families.

“We hope the bus tour will generate the public consciousness, financial support, and action. Every single morning when I wake up, I feel a sense of urgency about what’s NOT taking place in Del Paso Heights,” says Sidney Smith, an STS board member who grew up in the rough streets of South Central Los Angeles. “That feeling won’t go away for me until we make every effort to give these kids the same chance that I received. Most people have no idea about the challenges and opportunities here in Del Paso Heights.”

The most prominent advocate for these kids is STS CEO Bill Coibion; a passionate retired businessman, husband and father of two adult boys. Coibion is marking his seventh year in Del Paso Heights as CEO of STS. Coibion has sent countless personal invitations to friends and colleagues urging them to “come and see.”

The hope is that the tour will open the eyes of people who may never otherwise come to DPH. The tour may also provide a launching platform for future STS initiatives in DPH. Ultimately, we’re building laser focused awareness of the needs we face while fighting the fatherless epidemic in Del Paso Heights.

“Part of the purpose of the tour is to channel what is seen into action over the long haul,” says Smith.

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Media Alert: Sac Bee’s Article on Shoulder To Shoulder

Lezlie Sterling published an article in the Sac Bee on Monday, June 17th about the great task our organization has set out to accomplish in our community.

In a neighborhood riddled with crime and poverty, Bill Coibion’s vision brings hope to fatherless young men. His faith-based organization, Shoulder to Shoulder, began mentoring boys in 2007, teaching life skills and character, in an effort to break the cycle of generational fatherlessness in Del Paso Heights. In workshops, small group discussions and one-on-one mentoring, the boys are coached from seventh grade through high school, primarily at Freedom Hall across from Grant High School.

Before an annual camping trip to Yosemite, Coibion tells 12 boys that the choices they make today will decide their destiny. “We ignite hope in the kids and then we challenge our young men to take responsibility for their lives,” he says. “Once they do that, we walk through life continuing to coach them and helping to prepare them for adulthood.”


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