Shoulder To Shoulder Appoints Vice President of Operations

Darryl Scruggs has been appointed Vice President of Opera­tions at Shoulder To Shoulder. The organization oper­ates a youth development program for fatherless young men in Del Paso Heights. Currently serving boys attending Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academy and Grant High School, Shoulder To Shoul­der provides mentoring, leadership training, character development, and engages youth in com­munity ser­vice.

Mr. Scruggs, with over 22 years of youth development experience with fatherless youth, joined Shoulder To Shoulder in January 2012 as Director of Youth Development.“Darryl’s capacity and experience proved enormously valuable to the fatherless young men we serve as well as our volunteers,” says Bill Coibion, Founder and President of Shoulder To Shoul­der.

Prior to joining Shoulder To Shoulder, Darryl worked for Milhous Children’s Services, based in Nevada City, Rite of Passage ATCS, Inc., based in Minden, NV and St. Joseph School in Del Paso Heights.

John Schoeppach, Board Chair of Shoulder To Shoulder states, “Darryl epitomizes the char­acter, attitude and values we aim to instill in fatherless young boys as we prepare them for life.”

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