Are you a State Employee? Member of an AFL-CIO affiliated labor union? Do you work for a company like SAFE Credit Union or VSP?

Shoulder To Shoulder and United Way

If so, did you know that you can support Shoulder to Shoulder through the United Way Workplace Giving Program?

That’s right, Shoulder To Shoulder (STS) has recently been accepted as a United Way Certified Nonprofit Partner. This means that employees of qualifying organizations can now support STS through payroll deductions. It’s a simple, no hassle way to give to STS in any amount.

All you have to do is contact your employer’s HR Department to see if your organization is a part of the United Way Workplace Giving Program.

You can also request that a representative of STS come and speak or set up a display at your workplace. United Way Giving Program employers are more than willing to have our reps come! They simply need to receive a request from you.

The United Way Workplace Giving Program. It’s a simple way to make a powerful difference for urban fatherless young men. STS is proud to have been selected for this program. Please contact your employer today to see if you qualify, or call Donna Ramos at 916-285-5422 for more info.

Shoulder To Shoulder United Way #24410

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