Imagine Father’s Day Without a Father

Happy Fathers Day?

Excerpts from Eloise Anderson, former Director of California Department of Social Services

I can’t remember ever not being fascinated with fathers.  As a child I thought fathers where the most important thing in the world.  I noticed, even as a child, the difference in how those of my friends who had fathers and those that did not behaved.  As I got older it became even more interesting noticing how mothers behaved when they had husbands versus those without husbands.  Cohabitation was not the norm but a few women had men living with them and their children behaved more like those with no fathers at all.  New Census data show only 48% of the population is married—the lowest since records were kept for married couples—compared to 78% in the 1950s. Female head of households jumped nearly 20%.

As Father’s Day approaches, remember the plight of the fatherless boys in Del Paso Heights who face each day, each challenge in their life without their father, without a dad. These young men are more likely to live a life plagued of violence, substance abuse and mental illness than live a life filled with good health, love, God, and prosperity.

But you can change that course.

Your donation to Shoulder To Shoulder, in honor of your father, favorite dad or other important man in your life, can change the life of a young boy and break the cycle of fatherlessness. With your donation, we can reach more fatherless boys in Del Paso Heights. Donate now.

Excerpts from Eloise Anderson, former Director of California Department of Social Services

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Pastor Henry Wells Interviews Bill Coibion on KFIA

Bill Coibion is interviewed by Henry Wells during the Pastor to Pastor Radio Program on KFIA. Bill shares the charge he is leading to revert the devastating results of a fatherless generation in our very community. He describes Freedom Hall, Level Up and other programs designed to solve specific problems that have resulted from the deficiency caused by the absence of a father or male figure in the home. Listen as he shares the need, the opportunity to make a difference and what you can do about it.

01 Pastor To Pastor – Interview Bill Coibion – Henry Wells

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